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Shipping & Returns

Shipping and Returns


VCTS.ca strives to make a product that is better than the industry standard and pride ourselves on attention to detail so you can enjoy your product for years. 

As the finished product is software, returns are not accepted. If there is a manufacturing problem with your order we will do what it takes to correct the issue. We will retain a copy of the RAW Data for a period of 60 days upon completion of each order so the entire project doesn't have to be re-created for purpose of corrections or Re-Orders however, due to storage limitations the data will be deleted after 60 days


VCTS.ca will not accept any responsibility for damage to the product from enduser misuse or shipping. 

Due to the nature of the source material (8mm, Digital8, Hi8, MiniDV, VHS and SVHS Tape) and equipment used to capture the video, damage is possible but rare. Great care is used in handling customer source material and the playback equipment used to reproduce your memories is maintained on a regular basis. 

Anyone who has used a VCR will remember their machine snagging a VHS or SVHS tape in it, the same is possible with Tape Cassette Camcorders. VCTS.ca will strive to produce the best end product possible based on the the source Tape however Video Tape stretches and degrades over time and if prior damage is visible during tape capture it will appear on the finished product. 

VCTS.ca will not accept any responsibility for damage to Video Tape due to playback issues.


VCTS.ca ships by Fedex and Canada Post and will accept source material the same way with a notification call, the option of Customer Drop Off and Pickup at our location: Thursdays between 4:00pm and 5:30pm.

Once shipped you will receive an email including the Ship Date, Method of Shipping and a Tracking number.

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