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Video Capture & Transfer Service or VCTS.ca focuses on custom video tape transfer including: (8mm, Digital8, Hi8, MiniDV, VHS, SVHS, Digital Camcorder, Digital Camera tapes, to DVD or Blu-Ray)

The average lifespan of your home videotapes is about 20 years. Your tapes slowly start to degrade from the first time you use them, and will eventually become no longer viewable. Each time you view, rewind or fast-forward your videotape, it is slowly breaking down. This is simply a matter of friction between the player/recorder's various mechanical parts and tape rubbing over them, along with heat, stretching, cartridge and tape failure, player misalignment etc...

The manufacturer's suggested lifespan of a boxed DVD or Blu-Ray disc is 100-200 years, even at half the suggested life they are a far better choice than Mylar tape. A review from September of 2000 on Tom's Hardware Guide explains the advantages in detail.

Convenience is another reason to convert your VHS tapes to DVD or Blu-Ray Disc. They take much less space therefore are easier to store, and with the portability of today's players can be viewed almost anywhere.

Currently we capture, convert and transfer these formats:
  • VHS to DVD or Blu-Ray
  • SVHS to DVD or Blu-Ray
  • MiniDV Tape to DVD or Blu-Ray
  • 8mm Tape to DVD or Blu-Ray
  • Hi8 Tape to DVD or Blu-Ray
  • Digital8 Tape to DVD or Blu-Ray
  • Most memory card formats
  • Tape to Flash Drive pricing TBD by project


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